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Cosmic Fireflies (CD)
Story Musgrave
$19.95 AUD  

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A moving, poetic and musical journey with astronaut Story Musgrave. Story Musgrave shares his unique poetry, written during his 30 year career with NASA. "Cosmic Fireflies" combines Story's poetry with music from space luminaries; Harry Roberts, Jonn Serrie, Brian Eno and Kevin Braheny.

1. Spacial Speed
2. Center Peace
3. Pockets
4. An Ending (Ascent)
5. Cosmic Fireflies
6. Outward Bound
7. Why
8. Stratos
9. Amazonia
10. Hidden World
11. Prelude
12. Going Home
13. I Love Space

Analogue Days (CD)
Lance Lenehan
$19.95 AUD  
Signed by Lance Lenehan

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From Australian composer and musician Lance lenehan, this is a beautiful, dramatic palette of space music from the 1980s. There are overtones of Jarre and Vangelis in this production which takes you on a stellar journey through the universe. The music is strong, powerful and meditative.

1. Arc of Orion
2. The Sea of Stars
3. Traveller to the Stars
4. Jupiter
5. Space
6. Memories
7. Dreamscape
8. Astral Traveller
9. After the Storm
10. Mystic Mystique

Ambient Spaces (CD)
Lance Lenehan
$19.95 AUD  
Signed by Lance Lenehan

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Another powerful CD from Australian Lance Lenehan. This is classic film score music which has been used in a variety of short films, theatrical space performances and documentaries. The overall theme is space music, however, this very versatile score of music lends itself again to meditation and to empowerment.

1. Song of My Heart
2. NGC4414 Spiral Galaxy
3. On the Wings of Your Dreams
4. Will of the Wind
5. Chilled Not Stirred
6. Love for Ever
7. Este Clave
8. Mercury Rising
9. Moon
10. Mountain Man
11. Age of Grace
12. Este cumbia

Soundscape (CD)
Lance Lenehan
$19.95 AUD  
Signed by Lance Lenehan

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Composer Lance Lenehan has produced a wide variety of music which is largely ambient, but also incorporates elements of traditional orchestration, jazz, and rock. His music reflects the major technological developments in electronic music over nearly 25 years.

1. The Summer Past
2. Turning Point
3. Animotion
4. Summer Dreams
5. Mastery and Service
6. Tidal Shores
7. La Femme
8. Gone Forever
9. The Dolphin
10. The Last Rainforest
11. Runner
12. To Be Continued


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